Interview with Seiichi Daimo – US based Singer who recently released his debut EP

Interview by Mike Sullivan

Please introduce yourself and your background. Where is your family originally from in Japan?

Hello! My name is Seiichi Daimo. I am half Japanese, half Caucasian, American, Singer Songwriter. My father is originally from Kagoshima Japan. Most of my family is from there and the Osaka area. I recently released my debut EP and am traveling to promote the record.

I understand that you originally played violin, before learning guitar?

Yes, the first instrument I learned to play was the violin. Although, my older sister was the violin prodigy in the family. I turned my attention to a different instrument. I always knew I wanted to be a songwriter and I saw people playing songs with an acoustic guitar and was drawn to that.

Photo by Joe Tirado

Photo by Joe Tirado

Could you tell us about your debut EP In The Inbetween? What does the title mean to you?

Absolutely! My debut EP which came out last February is titled “In The Inbetween”. The record was written with the concept of being in a state of transition. I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck.

I had done so much in my life, come so far, but still not where I wanted to be. As I thought about it more I realized that concept to be life itself. Things are always changing, time always moving forward. The record took on a more global concept as the cycle of life.

The lyrics are quite inspiring; it seems that you are really singing from the heart. How has it been received?

My lyrics are very important to me. Music is my outlet to express myself. It’s why I do this. So yes, it’s absolutely from the heart.

Music is such a magical thing. It’s a way to connect to a complete stranger. The songs become the property of the person listening rather than the person who wrote them. I hope that they become yours.

I understand you have been doing a tour?

I have! I went down to Austin Texas for the SXSW music festival, now playing more shows locally (NJ/NYC/PA), then hoping to get out to the west coast US.

Will there be an album in future?

Absolutely! Nothing in the works quite yet. Maybe one more EP then do a full album. We’ll have to see what the universe brings.

To what extent do you feel that your music is influenced by your Japanese roots?

I feel my Japanese roots have significantly influenced my music. It’s so much of who I am, how I feel and see the world.

The Japanese culture is one of self understanding, patience, gratitude, and respect. It’s the perspective I bring to my music.

Do you have any thoughts about performing in Japan?

I would love to perform in Japan and hope to one day.

How often do you visit Japan?

I visited last year. It was my first time visiting Japan and meeting my family. It was very meaningful. All of my family from my father’s side live in Japan. Meeting them for the first time and seeing Japan was amazing. I felt like I was home.

What is your favourite thing about Japan?

Besides family, I would definitely say the food!

What do traditional Japanese crafts mean to you? What is your favourite Japanese craft?

Japanese crafts are very special. They are a window into our past and to our heritage.

Everything that is our culture we can learn thru student them.

I studied carpentry extensively in my youth. I would say that is my favorite. The skills used to build all the temples and all Japanese woodwork is very beautiful and fascinating.

If you could learn to make anything, i.e. crafts, what would you make?

If I could learn to make anything I think I would learn to make a Shamisen. I love the tone of the instrument. It’s a craft that involves my passion for music and woodworking.

Finally, any last words for anyone interested in Japanese culture?

I would say that the Japanese culture is very rich. There are so many aspects to fall in love with. The attention to the details and the mastering of what ever it is you choose to do. We are a proud culture. We are a polite culture. And we are a strong culture!


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